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DeStylz All In One (DAIO)

**Womens' Apparel, High Heels, Jewelry, Purses, Perfume, Lashes etc.!

Makeovers & Other services available!** Almost anything fashion related!**

Photo Gallery

**Long Diverse Sew-In!** **Long Diverse Sew-In!** **The beginning** **Sectioned & cliped off!** 191440434 **Step 2** **Corn-roll according to desired style!** 191440435 **Step 3** **Sew in hair!** Tread work!** 191440436 **Step 4** **Continue to fill in!** 191440437 **Finish- before style** (Front View) **She wanted it to be diverse!** 191440438 **(Side View)** **Can be worn down, with a center, left side, right side part, or pony tail!** 191440439